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Megaloop | Giant Bubble Wand

Get ready to experience bubbles like never before. This has to be the best bubble toys ever invented!

The MEGALOOP Bubble Wand allows you put kids inside bubbles! Kids can even put each other inside bubbles!!!

You can literally "get in the fun!" 

Our team at Bubbly have been looking at creating a toy just like the MEGALOOP Bubble Wand for many years. Now that our friends at Uncle Bubbles have gone ahead and created one so we don't have to!The MEGALOOP Bubble Wand is going to change the world of bubbleology forever! Now, kids, teachers and grown-ups can do what only professional bubble performers using high-end stage equipment were able to do.

The MEGALOOP Bubble Wand will keep kids amazed with brand new ways to play with bubbles. Capture your friends in massive giant bubbles! Capture two friends inside a bubble rainbow. Make doughnut bubbles, giant bubbles in mid-air and huge spiral bubbles.

Each set comes with one MEGALOOP wand, an inflatable bubble pool, and enough solution to make 2 litres of the Megaloop bubble liquid.

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