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We are super excited for Team Bubbly to expand into QLD!

Specifically we are looking to train one lucky person on the Gold Coast, one in Noosa and two in Brisbane.

We want to let you know from the beginning that there are some essential things you'll need to be a bubble performer:
* A bubbly and professional personality

* Quick responses to availability requests
* An amazing costume
* Your own reliable car
* A Working With Children’s Clearance
* Public Liability Insurance

It's a very special line of work, blowing bubbles...  
We get to bring joy to tens of thousands of people of all ages and different backgrounds.  We also have the opportunity to improve the lives of special needs kids and to blow the biggest bubbles of our entire lives all the while learning and sharing cool things about bubbles and the world around us. At every event, we get to see how giant bubble experiences help people reconnect to wonder, magic and a sense of play.

Many people want to be a bubble performer. We often get overwhelmed with people who think they’d be great at it.

Because it is important that you know upfront if Team Bubbly is not the right fit for you, I am now going to try to put some of you off the idea of being a bubble performer:

Some people imagine that it’s not actually work, and whilst it is true that most days are pretty incredible, there is always work to be done, such as: responding as promptly as humanly possible to new gig requests as they come through, calling clients one week before events to confirm details, arriving at gigs in plenty of time (45 min prior to the start of your set), meeting the client at the event, checking if the bubble zone is in fact safe for blowing giant bubbles, being professional, charming and courteous even when you don’t feel like it, considering others’ bubbles (we all live in our own little bubble, right), keeping your bubble equipment and costume clean and in great condition, sending us invoices after your gigs and ultimately consistently being an awesome and reliable person in general.

If that’s just how you roll, read on...

Essentially, if you join our team, you will have the privilege of mostly getting paid to do the fun part, making people happy by blowing bubbles or teaching them to blow the biggest bubbles of their entire lives. There is a back-end admin team who work very hard all year to generate these gigs, so remember that it is not all about you. We are a team of bubbly awesomeness, and that’s our strength.

If you are an amazing fit with Team Bubbly, either Dr Froth (our founder) or another senior bubbleologist will be showing you three common services that we are regularly booked for: Monster Bubbles, the Giant Bubble Blowing Activity and People Inside Bubbles.

Unlike a casual, part, or full time job (for example working at a cafe) you won’t have regular hours, you will be a contractor, because gigs are determined by when our clients book us as entertainment for events. 

So if "adulting" is not your thing, don’t read on...

The way that it works is that when an customer enquiries about a gig in QLD, Bubbly’s admin team (all senior bubbleologists in other cities) will recommend what they think will be the best entertainment package for that event, if you are trained for those services and are closest to the event, we will probably offer you the gig first. However, gigs are much more likely to go ahead if you respond immediately. If you are slow to confirm, and in turn, admin takes more than 4 hours to confirm our availability with the client, often the client will simply have organised an alternative form of entertainment to bubbles. Whilst many clients would prefer a bubble performer, what by far the majority of them care about most is being able to tell their boss that they have successfully confirmed some form of entertainment for their upcoming event.

If you "don’t do" email, don’t read on...

When we send you a gig availability request, it will have all the info you need: the date(s), times, location, service(s) and the pay offer. If you say that you're available, our admin team will then confirm your availability with the client, so you can’t change your mind! The client, and our admin team, need up to 21 days to organise all the paperwork (and there is more and more OH&S paperwork these days), invoices and payments for booking deposit, etc just to confirm the booking. During that time you must, must, must not make other arrangements as this will cause all kinds of problems for Bubbly and our clients. It is an absolute nightmare situation for our admin team and our client, and it damages Bubbly’s great reputation that we have all spent years building together.

If you are unreliable, don't read on...

We will be hosting an open audition in the form of a basic training in giant bubble blowing on the following dates:
* Brisbane
* Gold Coast
* Noosa

You will be assessed on the following criteria:

* Your presentation
* Your attention to detail
* Your attention to the “big picture”
* Your punctuality
* Your bubbly personality
* Your consideration of others

Congratulations on reading this far. We are very excited to meet you all in person!

To apply, email us at:

Apply Now - Due Mon 24 Feb