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Festivals & Community Events

We’ve been to A LOT of outdoor events and we’ve seen some awesome well organised ones and some that are just kind of boring… We understand it’s a difficult job for event organisers to pull together all the pieces as well as create something that’s exciting, effective and successful. You want everyone talking about your event and super excited for the next one! But we often find that some events lack a sense of cohesion and atmosphere. They’ve made all the necessary preparations but there is something missing to make it a truly magnificent event. Having music can create atmosphere but we’ve never seen anything as successful as our  Monster Bubbles service. Not only does it add a visually spectacular element to the event by filling the air with magnificent giant bubbles, but it draws crowds, activates your event, ignites laughter and play in the children as well as adults and caters for EVERYONE attending your event. Roaming fairies may be popular with the young kids, but what about those energetic pre-teens and teens?   Monster Bubbles is adored by ALL ages - whether it is the teeny tiny toddlers stumbling after a giant bubble, or the energy filled boys and girls who will delight in trying to pop the biggest bubble! Face painters and balloon twisters can only cater for one child at a time -  Monster Bubbles allows everyone to enjoy the festivities simultaneously!

Here are the top bubble services for OUTDOOR events: