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Service Faq

Booking a gig with Bubbly is super easy! You can fill out an enquiry form on the service page on our website and our bubble admin team will get back to you to as soon as possibubble. You can also email us at or call on 1800GETBUBBLY (1800 4382 82).

All of our bubble performers have their Working With Children Checks and Public Liability Insurance. If you would like a copy of either, just email us at

In Australia, we have bubble performers in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. And in the U.S., we have performers in Atlanta. We also travel to regional areas and other cities. And for very special bookings, we fly to other countries. 

The show must go on!

Our bubble performers are always ready to perform, rain or shine. Our bubbles also do surprisingly well in the rain; the larger bubbles tend to subdivide into smaller bubbles. And because it's more humid, sometimes the bubbles even linger in the air longer.

If there's a draft-free indoor area available, the performer can offer People Inside Bubbles indoors. Please let us know if you'd like us to prepare for this Plan B.

In the event that you cancel an engagement, you will be liable to pay cancellation charges as follows:

1) Cancellation over 30 days prior to the Event Date: 50% of Total Invoice

2) Cancellation made less than 30 days prior to the Event Date: 100% of Total Invoice

Our cancellation policy is designed to balance the needs of our customers, admin team and our performers, as most of the work takes place well before the booking. It has been distilled from two decades worth of experience.

We do not charge travel if you are within 50km/30 miles from Melbourne, Sydney, Perth or Atlanta. However if your event is further than that, then we charge travel to compensate the performer. Just let us know the event address and we will give you a quote for travel.

All our services include all of the bubble equipment and bubble mix needed for an incredibubble day full of our stunning, colourful bubbles. Our unique bubble performer will of course do all the set up and pack up.

It’s best to contact your bubble performer during the week leading up to the event and the day of the event. The admin team will always provide you with their number. 

The admin team is not active during the weekend, so it is best not to contact them the weekend of your event. 

Bubble Mix FAQ

Unfortunately, our bubble products are not available for pick up. Just place your order online and they'll be delivered to your door.

Uncle Bubble's concentrate works great for putting kids inside bubbles and is best made at the 1:3 ratio as is recommended on the bottle. For making giant bubbles, we've found that a 1:5 - 1:9 ratio works great! If you'd like to dilute it even more, go for it!

First, don't panic. Second, don't add water. (This will just add more bubble mix). Simply, dab off the excess with a piece of clothing or towel and let the tear ducts do their magic.  It'll all be over in a couple minutes. It's just like getting shampoo in your eye in the shower. Our mix is eco-friendly and mild, so no need to worry.

It's definitely best to rinse your hands and forearms after bubbling. And if you get really into the giant bubble action and get a good amount of mix on other parts of you too, it's best to rinse those off as well. It's just like taking a bath, no matter how good the soap, it's made to be rinsed off. 

The mix doesn't have any long-term negative effects on grass. If you have a huge bubbly party and make a lot of giant bubbles on the grass (and lots of two year olds tip over buckets) for hours on end, then parts of it may turn slightly yellow or brown. The best thing to do is to rinse the grass off right after the bubble party. (Unless it's about to rain, in which case, let the rain take car of it). This way, you shouldn't see any change of colour. If you forget to rinse it off the day off, then, rinse it off as soon as you remember. The colour change is only temporary, the grass will turn green again, and will often come back even greener than it was originally.