Bubble Academy

A 10-week course in Bubbleology designed for homeschoolers.

Learn Bubbleology
The Science Of Bubbles.

We WIll Hold Your Place For 20 Minutes While You Get Organised!

HURRY! Tickets Will Sell Out Fast.

Each session is 90 minutes and starts at 10:30am sharp. Please aim to arrive by 10:15am!
After the success of Dr Froth's recent sold out Bubble Academy sessions, Fremantle's homeschoolers have invited his team to return in TERM 2 to run their course on Bubbleology every Tuesday during TERM 2.
Learn science, art, math, innovation, emotional literacy, and so much more - all through bubble experiments and activities with Dr Froth (founder of Bubbly and Bubblemania) and his team from Bubbly - World Class Soap Bubbles.
Drawn directly from Dr Froth’s lifelong passion and gift for integrative education, this course in Bubbleology (the study of bubbles and living systems) promises to instill a lifelong love of learning in kids and parents alike.
A rare, rich and deeply inspiring educational opportunity, this course is not to be missed!

Week # Date Time
Week 1 APR 30 Bubble Mixing
Week 2 MAY 7 Bubble Making
Week 3 MAY 14 Bubble Blowing
Week 4 MAY 21 Bubble Popping
Week 5 MAY 28 Bubble Sculpting
Week 6 JUN 4 Bubble Colours
Week 7 JUN 11 Bubble Tricks
Week 8 JUN 18 Bubble Geometry
Week 9 JUN 25 Bubble Inventions
Week 10 JUL 2 Bubble Business
* Chemistry * Physics * Biology* Geometry * Proportion * Nature's Patterns
* Air Pressure * Optics * States Of Matter * Light * Colour * Surface Tension
* Materials * Innovation * Entrepreneurship * Art * Design * Sustainability
Dr Froth and The Amazing Bubble Marley (Dr Froth's long-time collaborator, bubbleologist, qualified teacher, parent, truly gifted educator, artist, writer, and original General Manager of Bubblemania) will lead all sessions branching off for the different levels of learning and then congregating for intergenerational learning. Both have taught Bubbleology for 20+ years each, and together they infuse the learning process with seemingly endless fun, joy, wonder, humour, creativity, insight and humility.
Accompanying Dr Froth and The Amazing Bubble Marley will be other bubbleologists in training from
Bubbly - World Class Soap Bubbles. There will be at least one of us for every 20 kids.
*The cost includes the hire of the space (2.5 hrs)