To relentlessly give joy, wonder and awe
to tens of thousands of people
of all ages
and diverse backgrounds, through BUBBLES

It's a very special line of work, blowing bubbles...   

We are looking for charismatic and energetic individuals to join our team! We also have the opportunity to improve the lives of special needs kids and to blow the biggest bubbles of our entire lives all the while learning and sometimes sharing cool things about bubbles and the world around us. At every event, we get to see how giant bubble experiences help people reconnect to their wonder, magic and innate sense of play.

Get paid to blow bubbles. Seriously!

Join our unique team of performers who actually get paid to have fun and play with bubbles!!!

The ideal bubble performer:

Has a bubbly and professional personality

We are looking for someone who will ALWAYS converse with clients in a professional, warm and "bubbly" manner. You need to be someone is always on time, not just in arriving at venues, but also in commencing bubbling exactly on time. You need to be both creative, spontaneous, risk-aware, find the fun ever when you feel miser-a-bubble, and melt the sometimes cold and rude souls with your irrepressibubble charisma! 

Responds promptly to emails

The backend admin side of Bubbly is handled by fellow bubble performers, we're a close-knit team. When new job enquiries come in, the faster we can confirm your availability the more likely a client is to book us! That's income and livelihood for all of us! Generally there is a really good chance of a gig going ahead if we reply within 2 hours of the initial inquiry coming in. It's important that you understand that your actions and inactions don't just affect you (in your own bubble) but they affect your team, our livelihoods, and the loyalty we've built up with out customers. Prompt responses to availability requests is critical!

Owns their own car

It is essential that you have a car that is reliable to transport yourself and all of the awesome bubble gear to each gig. You also need a valid driver's licence. For gigs outside of a certain distance from the Sydney CBD, you'll get an additional travel $ stipend. And sometimes... you'll even get to fly to your bubble gigs (in an aeroplane, not in a bubble). 

Has another form of income

You'll be earning a fantastic rate which we will reveal later in the application process, but we can not guarantee any kind regular work (as gigs dates and durations are completely dictated by our client's bookings/events. It is therefore advisable that you have a stable source of "boring" income for your "bread and butter" and Bubbly can be you super fun "cream on top"!

The job description!

Key Responsibilities:

The entertainment services you will learn initially:

Monster Bubbles

Giant Bubble Blowing Activity

People Inside Bubbles

Make Australia's largest bubbles at festivals and community events!

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Teach kids how to make the biggest bubbles of their entire lives!

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Put kids and adults inside real, dazzling, rainbow bubbles!

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Meet Our Fearless Founder, The inimitabubble, Dr Froth .oO

Other key info:

If successful, you will need to get a Working With Children Check and Public Liability Insurance. Click the links to each below to apply for the appropriate Working With Children Check for your state and for Public Liability Insurance with Duck for Cover (covers all of Australia).

Public Liability Insurance with Duck for Cover

Ready to apply?