About Us

At Bubbly, we're all about spreading the bubbly joy.

We've created the best bubble mix in the world (23 years in the making).

And it's also the safest eco-friendly mix for your skin, your kids and the planet.

We've made it our life’s work to share this very special mix and equipment with all the bubble hungry people out there. 

Our innovation (and perfectionism) never stops. We’re dedicated to continually improving and upgrading our products.

We do this because, besides being absolutely obsessed with bubbles, we believe bubbles make the world a brighter place.

We’ve seen bubbles change lives as they empower people to play, learn, and innovate.

With every blow and pop, bubbles can't help but ignite joy, beauty and inspiration. 

This is what we live for.

Our Team:

Andrew Suttar, aka Dr. Froth, Founder and CEO

Tovie Josephine, aka Dr Love, CMO

Want to get in touch?

Contact us at: 
[email protected]