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Bubble Wands

Blowing bubbles is so much fun and we offer some of the world’s very best bubble wands, right here in our Bubbly store! Or, if you have the time and money, you can always make a wonderful variety of great homemade bubble wands yourself.

The size of bubble wand you use to make bubbles determines the size of the bubbles you can make? This, along with the quality of your bubble solution have a huge effect on the size of your bubbles.

Tri-string Bubble Wand

Most kids want giant bubbles, so let’s start with the best giant bubble wand of all, the so-called tri-string bubble wand. Tri-string bubble wands consist of two sticks, joined together by a loop of rope. Our tri-string bubble wand is called the Bubble Big Mouth because of the shape the string makes when it is open up completely. We have surveyed all of the best tri-string giant bubble wands for kids and we have to say we think ours is the best for kids, by far. To find out why they are so perfect for kids, head over to our Bubble Big Mouth product page.

Kid In A Bubble / Person In A Bubble / Bubble Moat

The other giant bubble wand that is hugely popular is the Kid In A Bubble wand, sometimes called a 'bubble moat'. This consists of a doughnut-shaped tray which acts as a moat to hold your bubble solution. Then you just need a light-weight and sturdy bubble hoop to perfectly fit inside your moat. Now Ehon someone stands in the empty space in the center of your moat, you can lift up a bubble around them. We sell two kinds of Person In A Bubble wand in our store, one is a high-end lightweight, super-strong version for professional bubble stage performers, museum, science centers, etc. The other one is called the Megaloop Bubble Wand and it is the perfect size for kids aged 6+ to put other kids inside bubbles, and make their own bubble show!

Multi-Loop Bubble Wands

The third style of bubble wand that is hugely popular due to the variety of bubble tricks you can perform, and the overall ease of use, is the multi-wand. Multi-wands consist of a medium-sized bubble hoop, with many smaller bubble wands, joined onto the outside of the main hoop. These bubble wands allow you to make a great variety of bubbles with every dip. The main bubble hoop makes giant bubbles easily which you can then catch on the hoop itself to hold the big bubble whilst you blow smaller bubbles inside it. Then once you have released the smaller bubbles such as in the bubble volcano trick, you can then swirl around to make billions of smaller bubbles.

Hand Bubbles

On the one hand, bubble wands are the simplest thing about blowing bubbles. You simply need a closed loop of any shape. You can even blow bubbles with your fingers and hands! Small bubble wands, as we all know from childhood, are great for blowing streams of bubbles with a single breath, they are also great for holding bubbles whilst you perform small bubble tricks, like a bubble cube, or caterpillar.

How To Choose A Great Bubble Wand

Our main tips for choosing a bubble wand are:

  1. Make sure your bubble wand is durable. It should be both flexible and strong.
  2. Make sure you choose a bubble wand that is lightweight so it is easy to blow bubbles with.
  3. If you want giant bubbles, make sure you get a big bubble.

The final tip isn't to do with the bubble wand itself. The final tip is that you absolutely must have the best bubble mix you possibly can. The quality of your bubble solution is critical, it doesn’t matter how good your bubble wand is, if your bubble mix is terrible, so will your bubbles! We think it is a great learning experience for kids to learn how to make homemade bubble mix but it can take a lot of trial and error even if you start with a great recipe so if you have a special event like a birthday party or holiday, then save yourself the stress and buy the best bubble mix you possibly can.

Happy Bubbling!