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Giant Bubble Blowing Class Kit

Perfect for child care centres, primary schools and OSHC programs, this whole class kit enables kids aged 2-12 to blow the biggest bubbles of their lives! And the 0-1's love to watch, chase, and pop the bubbles! (All the while improving their coordination and speech!)

Soap bubbles have the potential to provide an exquisite sensory play and interactive learning experience, second-to-none, in childhood contexts. With over 20 years of experience with soap bubbles in education, it has become crystal-clear to us that the key to the educational value of a bubble play experience is first and foremost the quality of the bubble mixture.  That's why we've perfected the world's greatest bubble mix for kids!

The next most important factor to the ease of the giant bubble mix is having an awesome variety of high quality bubble wands for the kids to experiment with.

Both the special mix and wands enable incredibly rich, student-centric explorations across a diverse variety of learning modalities.

And WOW, are these bubbles fun!

You'll have a wonderful time helping your kids learn to blow fabulous, strong and colourful bubbles. Together, you'ill discover that you can catch bubbles in your hands, pass bubbles to each other, put objects inside bubbles, and even bounce bubbles off of other bubbles! All the while, you'll get to revel in the colour, flow and beauty of these marvels of science and nature!

Each Giant Bubble Blowing Class Kit contains:

  • 10x Giant-Sized Bubble Wands - makes bubbles up to 7m long!
  • 10x Medium-Sized Bubble Wands
  • 10x Small-Sized Bubble Wands
  • 1x Large Pail
  • 5x Buckets
  • 2x 1L Bottles of Bubbly Concentrate - makes 12 L of Giant Bubble Mix!

At the recommended dilution ratio of 1:5, the concentrate makes 12 L of Giant Bubble Mix, and the giant sized bubble wands can make bubbles up to 7m long! This mix is truly the world's greatest bubble mix for kids by far! 

Happy Bubbling .oO