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6 Bottles of MEGALOOP Bubble Concentrate

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MEGALOOP Bubble Concentrate makes putting people inside giant soap bubbles easy and fun!

Created especially for use the MEGALOOP Bubble Wand, all you need to do is just add water.

Don't waste your money and time looking for homemade recipes as they almost always ultimately disappoint (and your bubble will burst in more ways than one). Simply buy a bottle of the perfect bubble formulation for putting people inside bubbles and just add water when you receive it. That way you don't have to pay too much for shipping too!

This pack contains six bottles of MEGALOOP Bubble Concentrate. Each bottle makes 2 Litres of MEGALOOP Bubble Mix. That's enough to make 12 Litres in total!

Bubbly's bubble mixes are very safe for kids and are readily biodegradable.

This is world-class bubble concentrate, suitable for professionals performing bubble shows, etc.

The plastic bottles are recyclable and your shipping is now carbon neutral!

Buy in bulk now and SAVE!