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Bubble Mixes

At Bubbly, we have well over 24 years of expertise in researching and developing custom world-class bubble solutions. Our bubble mixes create huge, strong, long-lasting bubbles with exquisite colors that perform incredibly well and are insanely fun to play with. 

Don't let your bubble burst!

The most important factor to soap bubbles, by far, is the quality of your bubble mixture. If you see a giant bubble floating in the sky, it is because it was made with a great bubble mix.

When people see our bubbles, they often ask what kind of bubble wand made those bubbles. But far more important than the bubble wand is the bubble solution. Think about it, you can make a bubble wand out of anything, your hands, a coat hanger, anything with a loop. But it won’t make great bubbles unless your bubble solution is the best it possibly can be. The better the bubble mix, the better the bubble blowing experience, simple as that.

The World's Best Bubble Mix

If you are looking for a safe, mild in the eyes, biodegradable bubble mix that can also make the world’s largest bubbles, you simply must try our Megaloop Bubble Concentrate. If you have an important event such as a kids party, a public event or activation, a film shoot, a wedding, a bubble science demonstration, or any kind of event where you need your soap bubbles to be big, strong, and work on cue, then just buy Megaloop Bubble Concentrate and thank us later. Seriously.

Homemade Bubbles

If on the other hand you have time and money to spare to source and buy the special ingredients used to make a homemade bubble solution, then go over to our How To Make Bubbles page and check out our great bubble recipe over there that you can make at home.