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Bubble Tricks Starter Kit

Create bubble shows and learn amazing soap bubble tricks with Uncle Bubble's Bubble Tricks Starter Kit!

Kids and grown-ups can create mind-blowing demonstrations with soap bubbles!

With so many tricks to learn, the Bubble Tricks Starter Kit will keep you entertained for hours at a time! Learn how to create bubble volcanoes, bubble caterpillars, bubble merry-go-rounds and cube-shaped bubbles.

Included in the box is an easy-to-follow instruction book with tricks from range from beginner to advanced!

Each Bubble Tricks Starter Kit comes with Uncle Bubble's 8oz (244ml) world-class bubble solution, two bubble sculpting tubes, a truly wonderful bubble wand and a convenient dipping tray.

If you're looking to create bubble demonstrations or your own bubble show we recommend that you also buy our MEGALOOP Bubble Wand for the ultimate bubble show bundle!

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